Nov 15, 2023

Zur Integration in Heiz- und Kühlsysteme

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Product Tour | Master SD PWM series for Heating&Cooling circulation systems

Product Tour | Master SD PWM series for Heating&Cooling circulation systems

Shinhoo, a leading manufacturer of high-quality circulation pump, is proud to thrill the release of its latest product, Master SD PWM series. This cutting-edge series is designed to provide efficient and precise control for heating and cooling systems in various settings.   Master SD PWM series features advanced PWM technology, which allows for seamless control of both heating and solar systems. This innovative feature ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency, making it an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial heating and cooling systems.   One of the key highlights of Master SD PWM series is its low surge current, which is set at less than 3A. This feature not only enhances the system's safety measures but also contributes to its overall reliability. Additionally, the series boasts a noise index of 42dB(A) or below, offering quiet operation to enhance user comfort.   With a condensation-proof structure, Master SD PWM series is built to withstand challenging environments. This feature ensures the longevity and durability of the product, making it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor installations.   In terms of energy efficiency, Master SD PWM series excels with an Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) of less than 0.20. This impressive rating demonstrates Shinhoo's commitment to sustainability and reduced energy consumption, making the series an environmentally friendly choice.   To provide users with a seamless experience, Master SD PWM series incorporates precise power feedback. This feature enables real-time monitoring of power consumption, allowing users to effectively manage energy usage and optimize system performance.   Master SD PWM series has undergone rigorous testing, passing 12 comprehensive pump inspection tests. This series combines advanced technology, energy efficiency, and superior performance to meet the growing demands of our customers. We believe it will greatly enhance heating and cooling systems across residential, commercial, and industrial applications.   With the launch of the Master SD PWM series, Shinhoo continues to strengthen its position as a leading provider of reliable and efficient heating and cooling water pump solutions.    

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